My name is Carling, I am a young female artist specializing in pinup art, although I will take commissions for anything. I work promptly
and professionally. Commission prices depend on your request. I always need to take into consideration the difficulty and detail of your
request. Work that is difficult and will take longer will cost more. Your cost includes a print or emailed copy of your commission, 2 revisions before I begin
color (any further revisions will cost extra). Your price does not include shipping, this will depend on your location, prices available on request. I accept payments through pay pal.
Please email me with any questions about products or commissions. Not all commissions will be accepted straight away. Commissions depend on current workload. There is a waiting list available and commissions are done on a first come first serve basis. If you have an idea for a gift then make sure you are getting your commission in well ahead of time. That is to ensure your work be done on time, and if you need any prints mailed that they arrive on time as well.


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